Tale of 4 or More Gamers – Will’s month 3 – An ally from Chrace

Hey everyone, so coming in with a late blog post here is my month 3 hobby.

So at the end of this month I’m supposed to have a half finished army and I’ve been playing a few battles at half size (1k points) to get a feel for the mechanics. Having done this I realised I have a very troop orientated army with support hero options. I decided that I wanted a choice that didn’t fall over as soon as someone came near him so I started to scour the available choices for a more killy and mobile hero.


Now, I didn’t want to go cheesy and grab something that wouldn’t fit in with the theme I was going for but I was open to using a ‘counts as’ choice if I liked the rules. I ended up going for a wood elf lord on stag as I like the mobility, the utility (shooty) and a lot of attacks. The high elf choices are shit in comparison for roughly 100 points.

How to find a mini that would fit in with my army and also represent the size and power of the stag lord. I decided to go for a lion rider. I don’t like the stag rider models or some of the lion rider conversions I’ve seen but I saw it as a chance to practice some new skills. Also, as my theme was going to be a Saphery and Chrace best buddies team up, I thought it could tie in nicely.


So I ended up picking up a white lion on ebay and greenstuffing a saddle of sorts onto it. I wasn’t too worried about it being a bit crude because I wanted a cloak on the rider and the legs would cover a lot up. Also, you can see my kit-bash start on my “sea-helm”, which buffs highborn quite nicely. I imagine he’ll get replaced by a loremaster at 2k though.


The Sea-helm was a spearman body and torso with a mage head and the dragon noble banner. I wanted to get a sense of wind with this mini and tried to capture that sculpting the cloak. It was a struggle to get the cloak somewhat smooth here and I think I’d need a few more tools for my next attempt.


The next problem I faced was that the lion rider sat leaning a bit forward in the saddle. The easy solution was to make a bit of scenery pride-rock-style to lift the front of the model. The pose now becoming the same as the stormcast starter dracoth mini.


After filling in some more details and removing some chariot parts I moved on to the rider. Now I intended to model the reins fully but couldn’t work out where they would go physically so they got left as I ran out of time. The cloak was more important and was just a plastic white lion cloak cut above the leg joins and then stuck into some GS and somehow it worked! It certainly makes life easier to meld things together with a textured surface to work with.


After that it was pretty much time to add some paint. The rock turned out really great I thought and the lion not too bad either. This was easily the most work I’d put into a single mini before.


I had seen a blog where the hobbyist said he hated molded banners and I was inclined to agree with his reasoning so I followed his hacking and stabbing method of cleaning the banner up but I struggled with the waves of the banner to get it ready for filling. The result is not great but it looks ok from a distance and once I get a chance I’ll try and freehand onto it. Also, the lion is done.


The idea with the rider’s colours was to reflect the red from Chrace but also tie in with the Saphery colours with the blue.


A vanguard from Chrace comes to pledge support, a force from the forest will strengthen the cause!


Finally here is a group shot. I haven’t talked much about the archers but there were painted to replace the poor ones I had finished before. Obviously the bases are not done but rest assured whimpering maiden, they will be done!