The Sun Sets

Well that was fun!  I am ofeaturedf course referring the the ‘New Dawn’ AOS event I attended this past weekend.  It was great fun, very well run by Chris T (@the_black_sun).  From start to finish I had a blast, the food was top notch, everyone played the game in a great spirit.  It was a true social event, nearly everyone went to the post gaming bowling on the Saturday night, and many kept going into the early hours. (not me getting far too old for that!).

A quick run through of my games follows, nothing too in depth, and then a bit of a summary looking forwards to SCGT


So game 1 was vs Matt Clarke, with his Stormcast, (plus a nasty treeman, or whatever they are now!).  Lots of heroes on the board due to the scenario, but I was hopeful that The mighty  Maggot Lord would make his prescence felt and do some damage.  Things did not go to plan however, I failed my first 4 spells in a row, and the big guy got stuck in mystical terrain for 2 Turns! (along with his doombull buddy!)  Things did not get any better, when the dust settled I killed a massive 4 models, whereas I only had Festus the Leechlord left!

Result – Loss, but hidden agenda completed


Game 2 – I came up against Dan Ford and his tombkings, the game was basically won first turn.  I wish I could claim some huge tactical feat, but Dan got a bit impatient and zoomed his chariot strike force accross the board at me despite not getting all his considerable buffs up.  This meant his alpha strike didn’t quite kill me, and I beat them up taking out a large part of his army.  I then had enough troops left to help me grab the objectives and get myself a win game 2.  Dan was kicking himself but as he said it was a good learning game, he won;t do that again!

Result – Win, but hidden agenda not completed.

Game 3 – Lizardmen this time, and I faced Andy Talbot.  I was relieved that there were no laser toting Bastilladons in sight, they ruin my chaos force.  I very close game, which I won purely because I managed to grab the neutral terrrain and corrupt it, forcing him to steal it back.  My Doombull and his buddies were men of the match, killing after first holding up 30 Saurus warriors.

Result – Win, but hidden agenda not completed.


So Day 1 started abysmally, but 2 games later I was doing pretty well.  Even better than that though all 3 of my opponents were really fun to play.  They all took the game the way it was intended, never had any issues or quibbles.  This of course was only the warm up to the evenings entertainment, 10 pin bowling for the coveted Kingpin Trophy.  As I said nearly everyone participated, which was great, copius amounts of alcohol were drunk by those who were not driving, and some very sore heads had by all.  I was pipped at the post by a meager 3 Pins for the trophy,  but well done to Steve for winning it.  (Our lane seemd to bring out the top scores for some reason, any of 4 could have won it second game).

Day 2, saw some fragile faces and lots of coffee, as everyone gathered for the final 2 games.  Game 5 I faced Tim Fisher and his Sneaky eshin skaven.  Another game that could have gone either way.  Tim in hindsight should have split his 6 man rat ogres into 2 units of 3, the 1 big unit really helped me in the end.  I managed to just keep dancing units around to score table quarters, as I was slowly killed by the Corrupter and Hellpits.  Another victory!

Result – Win and hidden agenda achieved.



Lunchtime gave us a chance to vote for our favourite army, and there were some really special ones on display.  My pictures are a bit rubbish, I was too busy eating!  But Adam won it with his khorne Bloodbound on the snow bases.

Game 5 was against Gary Fisher, and his Khorne Chaos list.  We both played really cagey to begin with, and then realised neither of us could get to the others relic and grab the fragment.  Chatting about it later we both think this is a tough one to do for our armies that lack really fast heavy hitters.  I need to commit very early if I am going to go for it, and that leaves my defence open.  Very well written and challenging scenario.

Result – Draw, Hidden agenda achieved.


So my weekend was done, I figured maybe somewhere around 10th, but my surprise I eventually finished 4th!  Missing out on a podium on countback kill point.  To say I was chuffed is an under statement, looking around the hall and watching some games there were a whole load of better players with trickier armies than mine.  Somehow the luck had gone with me after game 1 I think, and that helped get me the results. Beforehand at Games club  I had predicted bottom 5, as I didn’t think my list was that great, I had very little synergy and it was basically just models I liked and had painted.  Plus there were a few names signed up that I recognised as top 8th players.

Maybe it is the shift in the way AOS works, and the comp pool system, that most armies are pretty even in scenario play.  I think there were a few tasty lists on show, and I think a few that people have in mind that weren’t 🙂

For SCGT warm up this was ideal, I am going solo as all of my club are useless at organising themselves, so I got to know quite afew faces for a months time.  The scenarios played really well, and the comp pool choices seemed as I said, to work.  AOS does work at tournament level, but here it felt like club gaming not a tournament, if that makes sense?

Again a big thanks to Chris for running it, was hugely enjoyable, and would def come back again (hopefully bring some more locals with me next time!).  Would reccomend this event to anyone wanting a fun social AOS event.

Next time a bit of a ramble about my realmgate painting, and probably some fireslayers!