The Small Free People – Month 4

So, a place at RAW opened up and that means I have to paint 2500 points worth of army before 20th November!  Further, as RAW is going to be a narrative event, it meant that I needed to come up with an Aspirant character that may, if they were lucky (pr unlucky in my case perhaps 😉 become a Legend over the course of the event.  I just needed to come up with some fluff, and so fluff  you will find below (based on the fact that my LOTR themed models are rather small compared to their “braver” brethren);

“Yes they were smaller… yes they were weaker…yes they were mocked throughout the realms for all this… but that didn’t mean that they couldn’t fight!

It’s just that no one gave them the chance…..

Ha!  If only those arrogant, self aggrandising fools knew that they were just players on a stage and the ultimate joke was on them!  Because when the warriors fell….and they would…then who was left to stop the enemy, hey?  It was those who were left behind, those who were considered to be incapable, impoverished, ill educated, those who were, dare I say it….ordinary….

It is those people who will be left to fight at the end, those people who will have to find courage, those people who will take up arms, not because they choose to, but because they have no other choice.  When the “true warriors” have fallen, and there is no one else left alive…it is those few….those very few…

And so I ask you now anyway, who is the more courageous? The natural born warrior, taught how to fight and how to be, from the very first moment he suckled on his wet-nurse’s teat to his first founding on the battlefield at the age of 15, leading men who knew better, who had experienced much more, men who, but for their lineage, wanted with all their heart to stand up and shout out, “NO, YOUR PLANS WILL LEAD US TO DIE TODAY!…..

Or is the courageous man in fact that man, or woman, who has never known the cold hard steel of war, but takes up arms simply because they will not let their child be slaughtered, their family butchered, not today, not ever…

It is that world I was born into.  I never knew my father….  I was told he was buried along with a hundred others under another nameless grave on a battlefield far from here.  He was, after all, nothing more than a hospitalier.  As for my Mother?  Another victim of childbirth out in the hovels.  And so that left me.  Just me…..

My name?  For what it’s worth?  Yelrom Drakir.  

The name means nothing, nothing to you I am sure, nothing to those who matter anyway.  But in my own little way I have gone about trying to make things better, make my life better, make my peoples life better….

So we have worked with the Duardin and they have improved our armour ten fold.  We have befriended the collegiate arcane who, after all, are drawn to civility rather than humility.  We have practised long and hard on wartime drilll….after drill ….after drill…..

We are ready for war.  My people are safe, and always will be.  Whether we are overlooked , or called upon, or mocked…..


Well, that’s not strictly true…..

I am told that a benevolent being, 30 milleniums from now, will make a similar choice to the one I have just made…..

I have been offered great things it is true.  But they only make me laugh!  Blood, eternal life, ultimate knowledge, eternal ecstasy…..honestly, come on?!  Can you hear yourselves?  It’s all a bit, well, theatrical wouldn’t you say, and dare I say it, dull?  

Ha! Still, truth be told and despite my open condescendance, my ego is not so large that I do not recognise my own, and my people’s failings.  In return for a very small measure of strength, just enough to put us on a level footing mind you , an accord has been struck, but do not be concerned for it is of course one that I can control!  I will lead, and I will overcome, and I will be loved.  I know of course that I must keep in check all the whisperings of temptation that my foul secret partner would have me believe, but let’s face it, how could a simpleton like me become anything more?  Ignorance really is bliss, and to think that there are powers out there that think me capable of more is laughable!  It is that thought that keeps all safe.  

Pfff!  What’s that you say?  A dark lord on a dark throne, more powerful but corrupted than all those he sought to protect!  These realms would freeze over before that happened….”

Anyway, models finished for this month are Smaug (Carmine Dragon), a Hurricanum (although their loyalty is unclear as you can see) plus my aspirant and legend for RAW based on the above background story: