The Little Free People – month 3 – tale of 4 or more gamers

So, technically I managed to hit my quota for this month last month, but given that I am a very lazy painter and I had some momentum going I thought I would keep hitting the 300 points per month target.

I have to say, this “competition” has actually changed the way I collect models.  For the last x amount of years, I would just buy painted armies off ebay so that I could play with them at club, being more of a gamer than a painter.  However, that seems to have changed of late.  Whether it’s the additional playas at club, the move from 8th to AOS, the fact that the littleuns are growing up so it’s easier to get away, or this competition, I have now well and truly thrown my hat into the tournament scene.  I had BOS last month (my first AOS tournie and only my second tournie ever) and I’ve already booked up for Age of Santa! in Cardiff and a 4 player international event in Gatwick early next year (not that many but more than I ever thought I would attend given family and work commitments!).  Anyway, the one thing I realised is that I really don’t want to go to tournaments with armies that have been painted by someone else.

Now my painting is not great (as well documented previously) but I have been lucky enough to get some kind words about my models (all down to the conversion ideas rather than the painting mind you!) and I’ve really appreciated that, so it would be a bit embarrassing if I received praise just to have to turn around and say “actually, I didn’t paint it”.  The down side of this means that I have to actually paint things myself!  So in order to expand my 1k doubles list into a 2k solo list for tournaments I’m going to need to keep painting!

The issue is, I am not particularly sure what to add to make it competitive?  So, I have decided instead to add things that I want to paint, that I think will fit into my LOTR army theme, but also things that will hopefully make the army competitive.  If I keep painting things at this rate then I will go beyond the necessary quota for this competition but it will give me some extra models to play around to find my preferred force.  So basically, even though I don’t need to technically paint anything this month, I decided to do 300 points worth still.

The decision was to do a general on “griffon”.  I say “griffon” in the loosest sense of the term.  I initially started to paint a nazgul for him to ride on to count as a griffon but just didn’t like the plastic kit that much.  It’s the one where the nazgul is flying high in the air but my issue here was the big plastic flying stand which rather went against the interactive base theme I had started with the Muminark.  So I went hunting for inspiration and having been an avid collector of all things GW for about 25 years now (man, is it that long?! rather depressing a thought?!) I stumbled across my old Balrog figure and some handy goodies to throw on the base.  So, my general on “griffon” is a general on Balrog?!  I’m pleased with the way it worked out.  The chains in particular (after all, who would want to ride a Balrog without a trusty bit of chain?!).  Anyway, enough babbling from me.  Here’s the photos.  See you next month.

balrog1 balrog2 balrog3 balrog4