The Hive Mind

This is my blog for the Apocalypse game planned for 12 months time – and boy will i need the 12 months.

When invited to be part of the ¬†game i had to admit i just wouldn’t get the time, but temptation and intrigue pulled me in. My first thought was to start with a fresh new army, either Chaos Marines or Space Orks but being slightly less flush that idea went out of the window.

The big requirements;

  • 100 Troops choice models
  • All models must be freshly painted

Considering i own 3 x 40k armies, the Space Marines were already 50% painted and i have to admit the ones i like and use i had already done.

The Grey Knights are 50% painted and i have to admit not by me!!

So this left my Tyranid army – 80% assembled and just undercoated with skull white.

Richs tyranid armyUn build biguns


My only concern was that i know one of the fellow badgers was planning a Tyranid army and i think the dynamics of the game may have been more fun if we were all different.

That saying it… with limited funds and a nearly valid army ready to go it has to be the hive mind.

Now my theme to the army will be based around GeneStealers – they are the bomb! my favorite by far and so my 100 troops will be comprised of 100 of my best friends.

My colour scheme will be from the leviathan hive  [maybe a little common Рbut hey someone has to be!]

What i do have in the hive is a lot of models – i plan to paint them all but i cant be that optimistic with 2 children under 2 to entertain.

I have not painted a single model…. so here begins the blog.


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