The Bulltribe Assembles

Img_1688This is a project I have been considering for a while now, Minotaurs.  Or to be correct using the AOS name Bullgors.  I used a Nurgle themed list at the start of AOS and took it to SCGT,  it was very good at absorbing hits but had not really heavy hitters of it’s own.  I added a unit of Bullgors with great weapons to try to help out in this and they worked great.  So I was toying with the idea of a Bullgor army for a while.  Then when the Godbeasts book arrived a formation appeared, The Bloodscorched Bulltribe!

It’s a nifty formation of 3 units of Bullgor and 3 Ghorgons.  All get mark of khorne and other benefits (including +1 wound per model).  Not many models so a fairly easy project to complete.  SCGT cost of 10 pools so 90 left for my army, gives me a decent force.  I have spare points after the formation, so I added in a few extras.  A bloodsectrator is amazing with these guys, +1 attack makes a massive difference, and the immunity to battleshock helps as well.  Also a bloodstoker to boost the charge is a cheap extra and fits the Khorne theme.



Img_1696I needed some magic, so I added a bray shaman to the list, the trouble was they all looked a bit puny in comparison to the bullgor.  I was looking at conmversions when silver tower dropped, and the new Ogroid is a great fit size wise.  I use him as a Shaman rather than his actual scroll though as that is more of a match theme wise.  Along with him I needed a large monster to summon.  A warshrine was suggested, but alas its not a monster, so a giant was my next choice.  A bloodletter Herald to summon was my final inclusion to use up my pools.

So there we have it, the Tribe is assembled.  I have played a few games with it, and may well take it to Rain of Stars in August, if clash gets updated with the formation cost.

Will add up some Battle reports soon to show how they are performing.