Tale of 4 or More Gamers – Will’s month 2

Unfortunately I did not manage to complete my pledged painting allotment last month but fear not! I have enough waffling ability to make up for it this month.

So what am I collecting?
– My army for this challenge is the high elves (Highborn Aelves) faction. This was meant to be my horrible to play against Always Strikes First fantasy battles army but now I find myself with a force in a strange land (Slannesh’s belly is probably as strange as they come); with new strange enemies (on round bases); and without an Age of Sigmar release expected in the short term.

Why am I collecting them (and not beastclaw raiders)?
– I love the fluff from the old world and I’m sad to see it go. This is mainly as I am a terrible gamer who ends up sitting at the painting table thinking of different fan-fiction within the setting and ends up with nothing painted and an out of date army (with out of date bases). Having rolled a six for extraordinary Will-power however, I am not giving up on my army ideas and will see them through (with some dubious retconning and plot armour to explain them through to asgard the mortal realms no doubt!).

Who am I?
– I’m one of the newest Badgers and yet to earn my stripes (\pun). I’m hoping to mainly improve my painting skills and my conversion work using putty/greenstuff.

When and where are subject to change but will inevitably involve late night panic painting (thank Tyrion for dayglow bulbs – ugh not sure I can get used to saying that).

So without further digression let’s dive in to some minis. Brace yourself for very old, very bad paint jobs being fixed up.


So, to take this right back, here are the spearmen I painted maybe 10 years ago?! Goblin green (square) bases and all! I decided early on that I wanted a Saphery theme for the majority of the force and as a result went for a lot of blues, bright metal and white. I decided to change the spears to white from the brown, which kinda makes sense white tower and all.


These guys would go on to get their (still square) bases painted brown and a bit of a touch up but for the most part I just needed to fill out the numbers to 30. There was a limit to how much effort I was going to put in to these guys as they had not been painted well in the first place and they had not been cleaned up very well, but a little bit of TLC goes a long way, even if you don’t go chasing waterfalls. Trying to motivate yourself to do a nice paint job on something that already has paint on and visible mould lines is difficult and is not going to help my goals.


I’m not very happy with how the banners came out but hey ho, freehand to be added to the list of skills to master! On to something more elite..


The swordmasters were a unit that I was painting from scratch for this tale and I was determined to put more effort in than I normally do.  I tend to be afraid of putting paint down as I try and picture the end result ahead of time but it really is a case of just cracking on and reading the resulting field of battle.


I decided to go for a bit of purple for something a bit different (cough dark elves cough) and I think it complements the mini nicely in addition to the red gems.20160705_001008-1
I managed to squeeze in a few games of AOS for the first time, the two below were for a three-way (in-your-endo) which was my first exposure to skaven shooting. Ouch. the idea of this tale is to get up to roughly 1K after 3 months of hobby-ing and then do some round robin style battles to get used to each other before a massive battle with all of our 2K armies at the end of the 6 months. I hear that we made be diving into a mapped campaign too in the new year so hopefully there’ll be some bitter rivalries formed by then for extra zest!
20160811_195130-1The Silver Helms did okay against the rat ogres moments after this, until the the warp-lightning..20160811_195115-1
As the swordmasters took shape I realised I would actually have to paint a banner at some point so I decided to try a bit of blending to achieve a night sky effect and I’m pretty pleased with the way the unit looks (minus the bases).
20160808_214504-1So it seems that swordmasters are jedi knights now.. re-rolling saves versus shooting..20160824_235719-1Command #squadgoals
IMG-20160815-WA0003-1I decided to touch up the archmage with some extra layers for his flame effects and to make his robes look a bit better. (Wishing he could take flames of the phoenix though, seems a bit over the top standing in fire to cast a shield spell.. drama queen)20160824_235737-1So after 2 months of occasional painting and varying levels of effort here are the blurry army shots to make you wonder if they look better up close or worse 😉20160901_015429-1
I haven’t quite decided what is next on the list to paint but the general theme will be Saphery core with a Chracian addition. Hopefully next time I will be able to put together a battle report or two as well. Having seen the standard of some of the guy’s work this month I feel really determined to up my game and, having gotten some core units out of the way, next month might be a chance to experiment and have some fun.
Until next time.