Tale of 4 or More Gamers – The little Free people month 2

So, month 2 has been rather hectic to say the least! The first issue was that I had agreed to go to the Brothers of Sigmar event due to odd numbers and Paul B needing a partner. This meant I needed to get 1000 points painted instead of only 300! So I locked myself away thanks to some annual leave and the Twilight boxset being available to the Mrs, and set up a major production line. Thankfully I managed to pump out all the necessary models which entailed another 20 crossbowmen converted from archers,









20 swordsmen,









the “muminark” (as he’s become affectionately known as he is a cross between a mumakil and a luminark),















a general on foot, a life wizard (radagast) and a white wizard (Saruman) just in case we needed to switch it up at the event.









When added to my 10 converted halberdiers this gave me my army. I also needed to take some objective markers so thought some LOTR gondor chess pieces and the ONE RING itself would fit the theme nicely

WA11 WA2 WAbits













The event was a real laugh and hats off again to Jon for setting it up. The best thing for me was this was only my second ever indie event and I was actually using an army I had painted (I tend to be lazy and just buy and play with ebay painted armies at club). So for me, the benefit of this challenge had already been realised, especially as the army and the muminark in particular got some kind praise and mentions on twitter which was way more than I was expecting (given the fact that I am a speed painter and aim for something which looks okay from across the table – just don’t look too close!). The gaming was real fun, even though we got spanked in a few games! WAgame1


Here’s the army being put down…….







And in turn one before I had even rolled a dice, swiftly being taken off again!!!!!!!!





WAgame 3



In fact our opponents, who were on the rum punch, helpfully added some additional cover to try and help save what little I had left!






It was a sharp learning curve for me as I’ve only played about 15 games of AOS and that’s generally against the same armies but there was plenty of beer available to numb the pain, the company was a good laugh, and we managed to get 1 win, 1 draw, and 3 losses so that exceeded our goal believe it or not! So we avoided the wooden spoon, picked up some spoon tips of another sort (Marks and Spencer salad “sporks” are 3″ and make great gaming aids!) and Paul and I even managed to walk away with this sweet best sports trophy which was a real bonus!










Technically that gives me next month off due to hitting 11oo points already, and a new infinity league starting, but I may try and get another model done (I think I only plan on doing another 3 to be honest, the base of the army is there but I need to add some big offensive hitter, and I have a few ideas for some leader/behomoths which should fit the LOTR theme well with a few conversion tweaks hopefully!)

So, all in all, 2 months of painting objectives met, 1 tournie attended, 1 trophy achieved, some nice feedback about the army received and some major major gaming improvements to be made!!!! Sorry again Paul!! ( I may have forgotten the plan ever so slightly in the first game!)

Best sports was between 3 teams but Team – Ninja Badgers and Richard Morley (with the amazing Elephant canon) won.


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