Tale of 4 or More Gamers – The Little Free People Army

Well, Hi I guess?  This is my first attempt to ever post anything being a complete Luddite so here goes nothing!

We have embarked on a tale of 4 or more gamers this month.  In fact, I think there is 8 of us poor souls who have signed up to try and paint some of those hordes of miniatures that sit in the cupboard, hiding from the wife, yet never seeing the light of day!  Well this will change all of that.  We are actually going to try and make ourselves paint some of those models and use them on the battlefield!  Now, it’s been a bit of a baptism of fire, with a few falling by the wayside already this month (#motivateadamtopaint and Jon) but I seem to have found a way through by hook or crook.  Well actually, the truth is, I have not got the skills of some of the other lads on here, but I have my style and on this occasion, after much deliberation, I realised it was best to stick with what I know.

The Challenge?!

The challenge was to paint circa 300 points per month (and squeeze in an additional 200 points somewhere) so that we had a fully painted and kick arse 2000 point army by the end of it all.

The penalty for non-compliance?  Hung, drawn and quartered of course, this is fantasy after all! Oh no, wait, this is not quite fantasy as we knew it?  In fact, when we started off we were using SCGT points but now the GH has come along and changed that.  I guess we are all getting used to AOS and a new world.  So we settled on a £20 fine for non compliance.  The money would go to getting more scenery for club.

My army?

Thanks to Wayne, I had a load of empire models.  I play Brets and have a lot of cavalry so this seemed a good chance to paint up some empire free people backfield footsloggers to support them (Leoun Leoncouer makes all free people immune to battleshock afterall).  Now, back to the previous comment about my painting abilities.  I can speed paint like a bitch on heat, using nothing but drybrushing and washes, but when I looked at the empire models, I quickly realised that was not going to work.  Also, they kinda looked a bit dated.  Then, staring right at me, was all my old minis tirith LOTR warriors…… I figured no one knows what all the new AOS kingdoms look like yet, and despite the scale being different, why not have a small people army who took up arms in the face of adversity?  Especially if it meant I could paint them!

So my first month’s mission was to paint 10 halberdiers, 10 crossbowmen and a cannon.  This gave me 23 SCGT points (we were after 15 at the time) so got me well on the way.  It did mean that I had to convert LOTR bowmen into crossbows, and spearmen into halberdiers, but that was okay as i’m not after any painting awards, just the “Van Gogh” effect (i.e. looks okay from a distance but up close is a big old mess).  Anyway, I’ve rambled on for long enough, so here’s the end results for this month (plus I managed to get ahead of myself so there;s a few sneak peaks at my work for next month, an oliphant with a “freaking laser beam” as my luminark.  Still got to add some crew etc):convert1 convert2 convert3 halberds xbows cannon starterfor10 sneakpeak1 sneakpeak2