Tale of 4 or More Gamers – Month 3 is rebasing

As i’m well in credit i decided to focus my attention this month on rebasing in between lashing more paint on greenskins.

Thanks to my good friend monkey boy [aka Wayne] i borrowed a can from his large collection of spray paints to undercoat my bases which i purchased from daemonscape [www.daemonscape.com]

Waynes Spray Paint IMG_5607-src IMG_5642-src

Mournfang brown was a good basecoat, Followed by dawnstone layer, nuln oil wash and then some grass flocking.

I managed to do over 100 bases and ordered another 200 to do.

IMG_5677-src IMG_5678-src  IMG_5698-srcIMG_5618-src

I took two of my favorite orc heroes next; Grimgor and Gorbad.

Grimgor 1 Grimgor2

Gorbad Gorbad 4 Gorbad 3 Gorbad 2

Out of all my models i own i spent the most time painting Gorbad over everything else.

Ard and Savage 2 Savage Orcs

20 Ard boys, and 20 Savage boys

Stone Trolls Mangler SquiggMixture Big Stabba

3 Stone Trollgoths, a Mangler Squigg and a big Stabba

Artillary and Chariot

The beginning of the artillary, 4 bolt throwers, an ork chariot and a bully [Think Bullys are irrelevant now?]

Its been a fun month and not so much pressure but here is a sneak peek to next months painting table.