Tale of 4 or More Gamers – Dicks Weirdnobz Colossal Squigg (Nearly finished)

Hello everyone, checking in from the satellite site of Crawley for the Dorset gamers Warhammer games clubs Tale of 4 or more gamers.

I needed to join this project to get me paiting my enormous amount of unpainted armies, admittedly I rarely get to game which is a shame i enjoy gaming.

My challenge isn’t to create a fresh army as i have a good chunk of armies anyway, but like a magpie I need to finish off the pieces i have added over the years. My latest challenge was to paint my Bloodbound khorne themed army for the Games Workshop event in Nottingham.

For this chalenge i have decided to start with a single model, the colossal squigg. He is being added to my greenskins army where i have mustered some additional models from Gordrak and the new mega boss.

To kick things off i had to actually buy one – thanks monkey boy [aka Wayne] for adding him to the forgeworld order.

He came in 4 pieces which was fairly simple to assemble and the pieces fitted well. I’m not that picky a person for the mould lines.  With a red undercoat I was onto a winner from the beginning!

All of my squiggs within my greenskins are red, so why would the bigger version not be red?

I chose to use the rocky base theme for the conversion to AOS from WFB, I love these bases – they are so simple to use and give my models a little sparkle.

Some progress pictures – not completed yet, but I will be.


IMG_4329-srcIMG_4334-srcIMG_4336-srcIMG_4339-srcIMG_4337-src IMG_4338-src IMG_4382-src IMG_4383-src IMG_4384-src