Tale of 4 or More Gamers – Dicks forces of Destruction (month 4)

Month 4, and im so far in credit for the TO4G that it was a very slow for me. Work trips had me away for 2 of the weeks so this was why i front eneded lots of the paiting.

My plans this month was to crack on with the Savage orcs, but after signing up to the Doubles with Monkey boy Wayne my attention was distracted onto my bloodbound.

Compleetd this month – Wurgogg Prophet




Savage Orc Warboss


Is it the Endless Stair? one of the Fulcrums.



I thought this month i would also add that i got to have a couple of games – which is like rocking horse doo doo for me.

The greenskins came out for a bash against the Bull tribe, and then the following night against the witch aelves.


At the same time i also bought a couple of trinkets


Some felt for the bases – Green for the orcs, Red for the Doubles army [am i hinting at that?] and black to restock Paul.



Next months challenge will have plenty of scenery from me, with a sneak into the pair of warp gates.

Need another 2 to make 4 for a feature board. These two are work in progress.


Next month will have more models.