Tale of 4 or More Gamers – Clan Queek (month 1)

So initially the plan was going to be a simple rebasing of the majority of my old Skaven army from squares to rounds. Once I began to look at starting the task it I realised two things;

  1. Most of the models were old and had seen better days
  2. My painting had improved and I wasn’t happy with my original army anyway

There was only one thing for it…paint a new Skaven army for Age of Sigmar.

Fortunately, being a long time collector but very slow and often a not very motivated painter, I had all the models I needed already at hand. What I didn’t have though was bases, more specifically round bases. So the first job was to purchase lots of nice new round MDF bases and decide on a basing scheme. I’ve always been a traditional sand and static grass sort of gamer so I though I’d try something a little different this time. I’ve always wanted to have an army with a Desert Mesa or Badlands basing theme, and with crackle paints being all the rage I thought this would be as good a time as any to try it out.

I wanted something that looked interesting and would complement the models without contrasting too much and taking focus away from the models. I know contrast is often what a lot of hobbyists/gamers look for but I’ve always preferred things to be more muted. After a few trial runs I found what worked and what didn’t. Eventually with the scheme nailed I cracked on and churned out the best part of 200 different sized bases. This is going to be for a Skaven army after all, so I knew I’d need a fair few.


With the bases out of the way it was time to crack on with painting some models.

Now I’ve recently been trying out Scalecolor paints on a few models and so decided I’d try using them on the Skaven. I’ve found the flesh tones especially good and, although it takes a little longer, I’ve been impressed with the results you can get without using washes. I’ve also been messing around with painting ‘white’ using Scalecolor paints without actually using any pure white. I’ve been really happy with the results so decided that this would be the basis of my colour scheme. I’ve not seen many Skaven models/armies painted using a white scheme so thought it’d be a bit different. As a good contrast to the white I decided to go with a ‘blackened’ steel effect for armour plates.

Initially for this ‘Tale of…’ challenge we were basing army selection on SCGT pool choices, with the aim of getting 100 pools painted over 6 months. That would mean painting about 15 pools a month with the extra being made up along the way.

To try and get off to a good start I decided to begin with a unit of Stormfiends. Three of these little beauties would hit the 15 pools target and hopefully leave me some time to get a bit extra in early on. Now not long after starting the General’s Handbook landed and SCGT pools went out of the window and were replaced with the more traditional points values we’re all used to. Amongst the group we decided to switch to needing 2000 points by the end of the challenge, which roughly broke down to 300 points per month with the extra 200 points made up along the way. Fortunately the Stormfiends came in at 300 points so no need for me to radically change my plans.

I managed to complete four Stormfiends in total; two with Warpfire Projectors and two with Shock Gauntlets. This means I just need to paint two with Warp Grinders at some point later down the line. This will give me a bit of flexibility with the two units. Each will be able to tunnel if needed and I’ll be able to run two identical balanced units, with a  Warpfire Projector and Shock Gauntlet Stormfiend in each. I’ll have the option to go for a good shooty unit and/or melee unit by running the Warpfire Projectors together and Shock Gauntlets together if needed.

  • 3_stormfiends
  • 2_stormfiends_shockgauntlets
  • 1_stormfiends_warpfireprojectors

I’m really happy with the way they’ve turned out and think the contrast in colours works quite well. Both of the main colours (white/black) stand out really well against the sandy colour of the bases. I tried to really work the Warpstone glow up from a dark green to a very bright, almost yellow green, as a spot colour to hopefully catch the eye.

With the first month’s target met fairly early on thanks to a bit of extra time by starting the challenge late June I cracked on to get some rank and file done. I had planned to run a fairly elite Skaven army using Stormvermin as my main core troops. However with the requirement for Battleline troops in the General’s Handbook, I was forced to revise my plans. Skaven, unless running a pure ‘Clan’ list only have a single Battleline choice…Clanrats. Now I really like the models, but Clanrats are 60 points for 10, whereas Stormvermin are 140 points for 10. This leaves me with a bit of an issue for the painting challenge…I’ll have to paint twice as many models.


Anyway, for July I managed to paint up 20 Clanrats and at least make a bit of a dent in the final total.

So there you have it…for July I’ve got four Stormfiends and twenty Clanrats completed. A good start to the army and already made up some the extra points.


For next month I’m planning on adding two Warp Lightning Cannons (360 points) and if I have time a hero model.