Tale of 4 or More Gamers – Clan Queek (month 4)

Month 4…and the start of the second half of the challenge.

Points wise I was already over halfway, but models wise there was still a lot to do. Although I wasn’t relishing the prospect, I decided to try and break the back of the Clanrats remaining. I set myself the target of 20 Clanrats, which after finishing last month by painting 10 Clanrats, I decided I needed to break up the monotony by painting something a bit more interesting…a Grey Seer.

The Grey Seer is a great model to look at and was an absolute joy to paint. Having now painted it I would recommend it to anyone.

Wasn’t sure whether to stick with my overall colour scheme and keep the robes white, or reverse the scheme and go for black robes. In the end I decided to stick with white and I’m really happy I did. The finished model came out really well I think and is definitely my favourite in the army so far.

After finishing the Grey Seer it was back to the grind of the Clanrats. With another 20 painted it only leaves me another 7 to paint (I painted the extra 3 command models in a previous month) to get to my target of 60.

A short post this month, but the army is really taking shape now.

With two months left I’m not going to set any targets other than getting the remaining models completed. Hopefully I can get them all or nearly all finished next month.

Still left to paint –

7 Clanrats

10 Stormvermin

3 Poison Wind Mortars

1 Packmaster

Will be starting with the Clanrats just so I don’t have to paint another one for quite a while!!