Tale of 4 or More Gamers – Clan Queek (month 3)

So…it’s the end of month three and I’m happy to say I’m still on target and hitting the monthly commitment.

For this month it was a bit of a mixed bag. I decided to get a hero painted (mostly so I could start playing some smaller 1000 point games), finish off the Stormfiend units and get some more Clanrats done…which is kind of essential seeing as I’ve finally settled on running the Verminus Clawpack battalion.

First up, the Skaven Warlord.









Overall pretty happy with how he turned out. Took a little longer painting him making sure the colour transitions were a little smoother than on the Clanrats. One thing I am planning to do though is go back and repaint the banner. I think a white banner would look more striking and frame the model better. Also, as I’m planning on using decals it’s going to be easier to print these in black. For now though he’s done.

Next up, the Stormfiends. I’d already painted four, two with Warpfire Projectors and two with Shock Gauntlets. The last two are equipped with Grinderfists. Obviously Warpfire Projectors are probably the optimal choice, but I’ve chosen to utilise each boxset to the max without messing about with conversions and have Stormfiend units that can operate in a multi-role capacity. The Grinderfists are great for the tunnelling capability as well as being solid in combat. The Shock Gauntlets are less consistent than the Grinderfists but when you roll those 6’s and get exploding attacks they can pack a real punch and devastate units. The extra wound is handy too, as every forgets they get it.

So…the Grinderfists.








In the end I was really happy with how these guys turned out. After painting the other four my enthusiasm for them had dipped and these were my least favourite aesthetically. Now there done I think I prefer the pose and overall look more than the Shock Gauntlet Stormfiends. Still not as good as the dynamic pose the Warpfire Projector Stormfiends have.

All the Stormfiends together!

Finally for the month I had just enough time to paint up a few more Clanrats. Need to get at least ten done every month from now until the end of the challenge.







Strangely I’m really liking the Clanrats once they’re painted up, more so than I ever did in 8th edition. Think it must be the round bases and freedom not to have them in ranks. They just look better in a rag tag loose formation.

So…on to month four. Already got a Grey Seer and twenty Clanrats lined up and ready to go.