Tale of 4 or More Gamers – Clan Queek (month 2)

So for this month I’d set myself the target of painting two Warp Lightning Cannons.

This seemed like an easy enough task and having painted Skaven warmachines before I was prepared for painting them in sub assemblies.

After cleaning all the bits, building the sub assemblies and priming I quickly regretted my initial decision of painting both cannons at the same time. Why?? Well because there’s so many metal plates and spikes. After what seemed like forever the frames were base coated and they then came together fairly quickly. In the end I managed to get both done with over a week to spare.

Warp Lightning Cannnons 1

Warp Lightning Cannons!!


When building both kits I purposely left the barrel pivot unglued to allow the cannons to move up and down. Doesn’t really serve any purpose, I just like the fact I can play with my toys.

Cannons salute!

Cannons salute!


You can see in the close ups it’d be virtually impossible to paint all the parts and crew if the cannon was built and painted in sub assemblies.

Warp Lightning Cannon - side

Warp Lightning Cannon – side

Warp Lightning Cannon - front

Warp Lightning Cannon – front

Warp Lightning Cannon - rear

Warp Lightning Cannon – rear

So it’s been another successful month for me as far as the challenge goes. Not decided 100% what will be on the painting table for next month although I’m thinking a Warlord, some more Clanrats (they’re going to be the bane of this challenge) and try and get the other two Stormfiends finished to have two complete units.

So I mentioned I finished this month with over a week to spare. With the Bank Holiday weekend included in that I managed to find a good chunk of time to sit down and get a head start on Month 3.

Here’s a little teaser for next month…

Warlord 1