Tale of 4 gamers – Month 2 Dicks monsters

Month 2 and i found myself with more time in the evening as the Rio olympics were on and staying up late was just what everyone did to watch the action.

This month i set my goal to be the Araknarok spider and the mega boss – both were really cool to paint.

IMG_5206  IMG_5207IMG_5208 IMG_5245 2

i found it easier to work on more that one item at a time whilst drying was happening.

This month i also found and won on eBay the Rogue Idol of Gork [or mork???] so i added that to my list of things to do …. oh and Gordrak!

IMG_5269 IMG_5263new

Things were moving well and i got them all done by the end of month so im in serious credit going to the end of the game!