Road to Southcoast The First Step

Img_1216So this is the first of my blogs about my trip to South Coast GT.  I have never been before, know people who went to many of the 8th edition ones, but it always sounded a bit too ‘competative’ for me.  (last years nearly tempted me, it sounded a lot more my type of thing).  However with the arrival of Age of Sigmar, and for me a fundemental shift from the ‘game’ towards the ‘hobby’  I am going to give it a blast.

This blog however starts a long way away, in fact at the home of GW, Warhammer World, in Nottingham.  This past weekend my brother and I took part in the ‘Rise of the Seraphon’ battle brothers event.  We have been to loads of previous 8th events (probably 15+) and were keen to see how the transition to AOS was going.


We travelled up on Friday and got a friendly game in between ourselves, as well as checking out the amazing exhibit ( I would reccomend at least 2 hours for  this if its your first time at WHW).  Skaarbrand battled Aarchaon in a classic beatdown, with the mighty bloodthirster coming out on top!

Then it was a trip back to the hotel, a massive steak IMG_1233and some last minute painting!  We donned our badger T-shirts and headed off to the venue bright and early, excited for our first game.  We saw a few familiar faces in the car park, but loads fo new ones as we got set up for the event.  The premise was simple, 2 teams seraphon/celestial vs the hordes of chaos,  and luckily the players that had entered were pretty much divided in half so no chaos on the good side, or evil stormcast.

We were given some impressive 8×6 tables to play on and a generous 3 hours per game, plus a 15 minute ‘work out your armies’ chat at the start.  Throughout the weekend I never had any issues with balancing the forces, we did however bring a LOT of models to choose from, and i think if you had just brought the reccomended army size it may have been a bit trickier.

IMG_1234I had 4 great games, the highlight being the third, where absolute carnage was seen.  Each board had it’s own battleplan which made for great variety in games, and as well as the battleplan victory conditions there were also a series of scoring opportunities that gave points to your team.  These were good but I found that sometimes they were contradictory to the battleplan.  A good example being game 2 where we had to slay the 2 enemy generals to gain 5 points, and they had to keep both alive for 5 points.  In effect a 5 point swing. The battleplan was an ambush which was decided on which team killed the most models.  so teh plan was kill models but the points were effectively keep stuff alive.  We were playing the @Hantshammers great guys and really fun, but the Khorne (my brother) and Sigmarite armies basically did nothing for 4 turns, as they were staying alive in the celestial realm, so he had no one to fight.  All this time Nurgle and Seraphon were dropping like flies and we slaughtered each other!  So it was kinda a divided game between the 2 players.

I spoke to the events team both during and after the event, (they really are great, they get involved with everyone and make sure we are all enjoying it), who took onboard a load of feedback, and the contradiction between the 2 was definately something they were going to address going forwards.  It’s a learning curve for them, and each one they put on is a step forwards.

Part of our attendance was to see how different people played the game, and interpreted stuff.  For example everyone we played measured base to base, we never have.  After the event we both agreed that whilst base to base might be ‘safer’, model to model is a darn sight more fun!  Example game 1 the slann summoned a vortex to perch ontop of, Skarband could charge and litterally poke his axe in the slanns eye, but with base to base it was impossible to get within 1/2″ complete the charge 🙁  Made zero sense.  SCGT Cylinder system for height definately helps with this one.

Everyone played 1’s always fail, we like this, and always play it, it’s a dice based game, auto passing is no fun.

Overall I really enjoyed the event and met a load of NEW people, plus put some faces to a bunch who we see on twitter (hello all if you are reading this).  GW events are always well run, the food is top notch, and the venue is amazing.  This was nearly 50 players the biggest AOS event they have had so far, and each one seems to be bigger than the last.  Gonna be back at the end of the year for another event, when my brother gets a pass from his better half! 🙂

So  this was the launching point for my SCGT adventure, I met a load of people going which was great, at least I will see some familiar faces there, I am flying solo as my group all wussed out and havent got tickets 🙁 I am really looking forwards to seeing how the atmosphere compares from GW to indy scene in Sigmar, and how a ‘comp’ system compares to the ‘balance it out’ approach.

Next up is the New Dawn event in Weymouth, 10 minutes down the road from me, which is full SCGT rules and scenarios so will be great practice and a chance to meet a few more people.

A few pictures from our weekend.