Some Kind of Monster

Happy new year everyone and welcome back to the 6 and final month of the tale of gamers blog. So for the final month we were allowed to build a monster up to any slots, after hearing what everyone else has chosen (Sisters of twilight, Vampire Lord on a Zombie dragon, Ogehotts Deamonspew and Nagash booo). I decided to go for a Vermin Lord Corruptor. He’s a really cool model and a great final edition to my force.


Some Kind of Monster

Bubonicus’s breath formed in the air as the temperature in the chamber began to drop, a frost crept up from the under the huge cauldron despite the obvious presence of heat from the fire beneath.

The congregation of Plague monks steady chants echoed throughout the chamber as the cauldron began to sway on its stand.

Bubonicus began climbing the wooden steps leading to the scaffold surrounding the cauldron, pushing a pathetic bound figure before him. The figure had once been Sister Sara a proud warrior sister of Sigmar, but months of imprisonment and malnutrition had left her a pale shadow of her former self.

Sara stumbled tripping on the hem of her tattered robe. Bubonicus roughly shoved the prisoner ever onwards towards her doom, “PPPPlease no she pleaded you don’t kkknow what your doing” the vile creature just laughed drawing corroded blade from his robes.

Sara struggled bringing her head back sharply in contact with Bubonicus snout, the monk recoiled in pain holding his bleeding snout and screaming in frustration. “You don’t know what you will unleash if you do this” screamed Sara in desperation. Bubonicus brought the corrupt blade down in a vicious blow, Sara ducked below the blade barreling in the repulsive Bubonicuse, the corrupt blade skittered across the scaffold.

But alas Sara had not been unharmed the knife had slashed down her back leaving a bloody slash across the back of her robes, Sara fought on headbutting the vile rat-man, biting in to his diseased flesh of his neck.

Bubonicus struggled to fight the woman off, surprised by her aggression he fought off vicious elbows trying to push Sara off himself, the rotten planks of the scaffold gave way with a crash sending the pair plunging in to the the fire below. As Sara fell she knew the ritual had been prevented, as Bubonicus fell he saw something to the contrary blood dripping from the shattered scraffold in the the mouth of the cauldron.

As the blood made contact with the foul concoction in the the cauldron a hand massive deformed hand emerged.

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