Faithful Forevermore

Game3 (3)Its been and gone, SCGT 2016 was a blast.  From the Friday night warm up until the Sunday evening finale the whole weekend was amazing.  I left home Friday lunchtime with high hopes and was not disappointed.  From start to finish it was a great event, with friendly people and a superb vibe.

I have said elsewhere, but a huge thanks to Dan, Wayne and Russ for putting it on, plus all the less well known guys and gals who helped throughout the 3 days, it wouldn’t have worked without you. Organisation was top notch, the coverage was great on twitter youtube and FB.  Kudos to GW for getting back into covering the independant scene, a good move from them I think, I hope that continues.

Check them out at heelanhammer, or facehammer.

fridaywarmup (1)So from a newbies perspective I shall start on Friday and work my way around to the end on Sunday.  Friday night is open gaming, so any game you like, AOS, X-wing, whatever you fancy.  I didn;t have a game arranged, put a shout out on twitter etc, to see who was there.  I spotted a post on THWF from a guy called Marc looking for an opponent he hadn’t been before either so I figured why not, and we swiftly arrranged a game.

I always go to events hoping to meet new gamers, I like hearing about the hobby, how people got into it, what they are playing now etc, so a new face to chat to on Friday was ideal.  Marc had a chaos list, a mix but mainly nurgle.  I was playing Nurgle in the main event, but brought my fireslayers for variety on Friday.

Marc hadn’t really played much AOS, and this was his first event.  He was pretty nervous and worried that people would be really picky, and query every move he made.  Having not played here before I couldn’t be sure but re-assured him I had never had any issues with opponents in past events, and he woudl be fine.  We had a great game, very close but the slayers fell to the forces of Nurgle in the end.  Also got chatting to a guy calle Phil, who was new to the event as well.  We had a couple of beers afterwards and so I knew another new face for the following day, also caught up with afew familiar faces and said hello.  I would really reccomend doing the Friday night warm up if you can, its a great.

Img_1453Onto the big day itself, I dusted off the badgers T-shirt and made my way across.  The draw was up and I was paired against Rab, a wood elf player.  Sporting a double dragon list I felt I was in for a tough game.  The hall quickly filled, 140 ish players is one of the biggest event I have attended, and the noise is pretty increadible when everyone is there.

Always nervous first game, but getting underway I deployed all my heroes around the altars, hoping to at least hold a draw game 1.  Rab put 2 dragons by 1 objetive a spellsinger on the other with durthu lurking a bit behind.  He took turn 1 and shifted forwards slightly allowing archers to pip some wound off a blight king.  For my turn I manage a cheeky dammed terrain sacrifice on the blight kings and then flew them forwards to threaten the archers. (Sayl is filth I freely admit it!).   A lucky roll from me let the kings charge the spellsinger as well, with +1 to hit 5’s pop to d6 attacks, and she fell turn 1 along with most of his archers.  This gave me a 6″ swing with the cascading stormfront.

Game1 (2)Rab in hindsight realised his mistake of not deploying all his heroes, and this ultimately cost him the game  as he now had 3 heroes, 2 of which were pinned to his altars to keep them, leaving only 1 free to threaten. I concentrated everything on killing durthu now, and after some dreadful dice from Rab he went down turn 3.  The stormfront kept moving into Rabs terriotory, and I slew his general gaining my hidden agenda as well.

So a victory game 1, my goal was 2 for the weekend, so half way there.  Rab freely admitted he lost it on deployment and picking the wrong 100 from his 150.  I was going to take that forwards and not repeat his mistake.


game2 (3)Game 2 was vs Skaven, A really nice guy Richard his list was a tough one, 2 lots of 3 shooty stormfiends with tunnel teams.  Think this was the toughest list i played all weekend, Richard was also a good player so i had my hands full.  Cagey start me spreading out to stop the tunnelers, turn 3 my plague drones somehow hung on to contest and objective so I went 1-0 up.  Turn 3 I left a 6″ run for stormfiends to contest and he rolled a 6″.  so 1-1 then wnet 2-1 3-1 final turn.  Had he rolled a 5 or less i could have ‘maybe’ held on for a draw turn 5.  Overall I never felt out of the game, and I did my hidden agenda again.  Both games so far had been great, so was hoping to go out on a high game3 first day.



game4 (8)So Game 3 I looked at the draw, James Mapson with order.  Hope he is a nice chap I thought, turns out to be Jim from the Cheltenham warchiefs.  I had met him before at New dawn but didn’t connect the name to the face.  Both of us knew we would finish the day on a good note now, so we had a drink (or maybe 2 or 3) and a great game.

Jim had stormcast, my first outing vs them, a pretty decent list, 10 man teleport bomb, a 5 man telport squad, a prime and 3 of the new cavalry.  This was a brilliant game, went back and forth so many times.  His prime failed a charge even with the dice manipulation, and in the end it went down to the final dice roll.  I rolled a 3 Jim needed a 4 up to get a draw or I would win.  A 4 was rolled hands were shaken and we headed to the bar.


So day 1 was over, had a blast, a win a loss and draw.  Last game was brialliant and Jim got my fav game vote, when they go down to the last roll like that you know it was a great game.  I had a couple of drinks in the bar, chatted to a load of people about their games, then headed back to the hotel to crash out and get ready for day 2!

game4 (2)First up on Sunday game 4 I played Andy, another player I had met and spoken to before.  A second stormcast list, quite similar to last nights game.  Knowing this was gonna be a tough game, I braced myself for carnage.  Andy went for his hidden agenda turn 1 and battered 3 of my units, luckily 2 were only harpies and dogs so I accepted that along with the single varanguard.  Everything I had then hit it and took them down.  This was big for me, as i now knew where all of his units were and no more would be moving or arriving.  We kinda edged backwards and forwards a lot until turn 4, I went for it, charging down the right flank.  Piling forwards the Plague toads soaked up enough damage to allow me to contest a quarter turn five and scrape a win.


My list selection won me this game, with minimal heroes as they didn’t score.  This gave me enough boots on the ground to win the war of attrition and scrape a final turn vistory.  Also Andy admitted he placed his liberators wrongly during the game and they could have kept me from winning had they been correctly placed.  Andy was a great sport and had it not been for such a great game Saturday night he would have gotten my favourite game vote.

game5 (4)Game 5 was vs tomb kings.  This scenario is bar far the hardest for me.  I have very little ‘in your face’ units to hit with, so getting accross the board to grab something is tough.  I played another good opponent in Michael, who really knew his army, (well apart from the fact that TK archers can run and shoot!  He will be doing than now since I told him).

It went exactly how I planned barring a crucial dice roll.  I managed to grind out around my altar preventing him from getting my fragment, but I failed my late game Sayl fly spell to counter move and grab his.  Cursed dice let me down otherwise I may have snatched a win.

A draw on table 21 I would take that.



Game 6 was against another Paulgame6 (2) and more stormcast, he was a true gent (well with a name like Paul what more could you expect).  Love this last scenario a great way to finish the event.  The random nature of the collapse could cause a few upsets on the top tables.

This game can be summed up in 2 words ‘Blight kings’.  These guys were immense, combined with dammed terrain and a Sayl fly they did 33 wounds on 5 judicators turn 2.  Which with 5’s popping was pretty decent. however next turn with no dammed terrain they did a mighty 38 wounds on 5 liberators!  8 Sixes- oh yeah!  This pretty much cleared all of Pauls forces from 2 realmgates and the other blew up.

A lone blight knight held up the prime for a turn, meaning he couldn’t destroy enough units to prevent me winning turn 5.


So that was it, my SCGT 2016 done and dusted, 6 great opponents, thanks to all of you.  An amazing event and I will be back next year, (assuming I can get tickets!)  hopefully bringing some of the gang with me this time (sort yourselves out chaps).  I can say the atmosphere seemed so relaxed and happy it was just like having a club night but with 150 people there.  AOS is just growing and growing, events like this show how the hobby is moving on and in 12 months time its going to be bigger and better than ever.  Oh I suppose I better say ended up 33rd, which is well beyond my wildest dreams, and much higher than my list really should have placed.  Tamurkhan led his forces well, and shall return to the shelf for a while to get some well earned rest.

Roll on SCGT 2017!