Dropfleet Commander

img_3949Here at WahammerGC, us Badgers not only play AOS, we also dabble in a few other game systems as well.  In this case Hawk Wargames, Dropfleet Commander.

We have a few players at our club who play Dropzone Commander, and when the Kickstarter hit this intrigued me.  So I signed up for a decent pledge, plus a few of the bolt on options.

The project was delayed by several month, and I would say the communication /organisation has been pretty poor.  Promises were made on the kickstarter and subsiquently broken, which left me almost selling the lot the moment it arrived on my doorstep.


img_3947However, I spent a decent chunk of cash, and the models on the sprues looked good.  So I set about building and painting some this week.  The kits themselves are good, quality is high, material decent.  Very simple to assemble a wide variety of ships, even for a novice, so anyone who has some experience will find them a breeze.

Hawk have done a good job with the sculpts, they are not Workshop good, but definately a notch above a lot of products out there.  You get very clever flying stands with dials and stickers to make the game easier to track, along with a good quality rulebook, (although its one of those ‘landscape’ type which I am not keen on).

I decided on the UCM force, as its basically humans, so seemed simple and easy to do.  Picked a basic colour scheme and cracked on, 4 Nights and a half day later a more than useable force was done.

Overall I am happy with the models, but still I am missing bits from the kickstarter (Contacted Hawk by email 3 days ago- no response).  I probably wouldn’t kickstarter Hawk again, this has been a shambles, they make great games but need to stay away from this kind of project in the future.

Playing my first game tomorrow, that will be the true test for me if this project is gonna progress or be consigned to the discard bin (and ebay!).  Will be back with a report on how the game plays in a week or 2’s time:)  (or check out twitter, I am sure I will post more there)

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