Death from Afar

IMG_0904Gutrot was happy, his forces were growing, and victory was within his grasp.  The mighty plague toad riders, had feasted on the corpses of the undead. The cowardly ranks of rats had fled from his advancing forces.  Word had even reached him that Lord Aarchaon was pleased with his efforts.

Outside of his camp, a loud roar echoed, tress were splintered as a massive seige engine rolled into the clearing.  The Chaos Dwarven crew hearding it forwards.  Striding alongside was the pox master himself, Festus the Leechlord.

“I bring a gift from father nurgle” Festus croaked, “that you may rain death down upon his enemies”.

Gutrot was pleased, he would enjoy his task he thought.

IMG_0901This month was very easy for me, i only had 5 models, but my lack of shooting was becoming an issue, so a hellcannon seemed like the perfect answer.

I also needed a second mage, and having already painted a nurgle sorcerer, Festus seemed like the obvious choice.

Next month is the final month of our challenge.  I was going to do Aarchaon as a centrepiece, but couldn;t wait to start him, so will have to think of something else to try!