Img_1928Bossfest is a 4 day event held in deepest darkest Dorset.  Organised by the one and only Boss himself, its an amazing event in the gaming Calendar.  Basically its a group of hobbyists gathering in a great setting, having some games, doing some hobby, drinking some beer and just generally enjoying themselves.

This was my first year at bossfest, and was really lucky to get invited.  Due to logistics the guest list was kept to around 30, a mix of gamers young and old, along with families as well in some cases.

I only live 20 minutes down the road but people came from far and wide to attend, but having now been to a Bossfest I can see why.

I arrived on the Thursday, intent on making the most of all 4 days.  Several due to work commitments etc arrived on the friday evening.  However in a large increase from last year we had 16 on Thursday night, filling up on the friday.  I started off slowly, chilling out, helping setup, gathering a big pile of wood for the Fire.

Img_1922One of the best bits of Bossfest is that you are camping literally 30 seconds away from teh gamiong area, so you can grab what you like, find an opponent and have a game.  So many systems were played over the weekend, AOS, Infinity, Bolt Action, RPG, and many more besides.  You name it, you could organise a game of it.

If you wanted a break you could just sit around and chill out, or if you felt inclined jump in the car and explore what Dorset has to offer.  No rules at Bossfest, no schedule, just chill out and enjoy yourself.  Families were welcome, it all added to the fun atmosphere.

For me it was a great event as I managed to put a load of names to faces from twitter and our group chat, I knew probably half the folks attending having met some briefly at tournaments, but the rest were all new to me.

Img_1939I did intened to play some other games, but teh arrival of the generals handbook meant I ended up just playing AOS and testing it out.  Had some wicked games vs loads of folks, the bloodtribe faired well, and I tested out my Ogres.  Even the Fireslayers got a game, and earned a draw vs Jen.

Evenings were great, sitting around the fire drinking, music in the background. We were so lucky with the weather, it got better and better as the weekend went on.  Scott must make serious offerings to the weather gods!

Food was provided Sat Lunchtime and Evening, really nice Quiche for Lunch and a huge BBQ in the evening.  Sunday we got chilli Jacket potatoes,  perfect food for the environment and loads to fill you up.  Got bacon sandwiches Friday Sat and Sunday mornings to clear the heads, and get you ready for gaming.

Img_1931I will stick a bunch of pictures below in a gallery and a short vid on youtube of the Bossfest site, but they don’t really do it justice.  If you get an invite from the boss for bossfest 17, make space in your calendar for it, you will not be dissapointed.  Chat from the guys this year has alrady started on how to make it even bigger and better so in 12 months time we can all gather again.

Also check out the #bossfest16 hashtag on twitter and follow @boss_fest for up to date info and more goings on from the past weekend.