Basing??? – Help!!

The brood... but what to base them on?

The brood… but what to base them on?

Last night i finished the first Big step towards 100 troops… the colour scheme for the brood.

The real big decision is the basing… you can do an awful paint job on the miniatures [trust me i’m good at that] but using smoke and mirrors with the basing and make them look OK.


The purple theme to me means that the basing needs to be a lighter colour – having it darker will just make them look darker.


I have not added the highlights to them so the dry brushing will do this anyway but i think i need to put some thought on this.

I had a cunning idea…. make one version myself, ask another badger to experiment and the third option was to drop a sample to the my local Crawley GW store – Craig and the people there can have some input to see what they can come up with.

My insticts are grey bases, grey ish rocks and some really dead grass. I’m told there is a black grass?

This could represent the Hive draining the life blood form the planet and its surrounding.




4 thoughts on “Basing??? – Help!!

  1. Burnt grass is what your after flock wise. It does look good on grey. Matt and myself are going to try the nurgle scheme in the latest white dwarf (minus the oozing pus), which I believe is agrax earth shade strait on top of sand, and then tyrant skull drybrush.

    • Page 120 – i got it. replace the oooze with “something” and then burnt grass. i will take a trip to my local hobby store.

      Is Matt helping you with the basing, or is he planning the same for the Eldar?