Apocalypse Painting – Into the Hive mind

With the Family in bed, and energized with the excellent work Badger Zak was producing in grabbed the stash of brushes to begin on what i will call an exploratory journey of painting the hive.

Opening the boxes i found that the hive had not been fighting among them selves but laid dormant.

The dormant hive, open the box and they start to wake.

Selecting three of the troop choices i thought i would experiment with these before making my final decision.

Gaunt - experiment Alpha Echo Bravo

Base coated and ready to feed

Gaunt - Experiment Alpha Beta Delta



Murder, Death, Kill!!




With the models selected i grabbed some Nid images for inspiration and started.

The beginning

Using some examples for inspiration


My choice of base colours were Haumagaunt Purple, Merchantile Red, Skull white, Chaos Black and a purple wash.

Guant Alpha Beta Gamma

I had a bath!!

Spot the stealer trying to get into the picture!!

Amazing what a bit of sun can do

Amazing what a bit of sun can do


With base coats and a brief wash applied i wanted to see this simple result – they were not dry so the impression was a little fake but they were “ok”. I grabbed a Gargoyle and Tyranid from the box to try different and bigger models to get a better impression.


Evolution happened and now they can fly!!

Through the ages

They get bigger

Without any details, dry brush or highlights i’m happy with the base coat and washes.

Tonight i plan to add some details and dry brush along with picking a basing for them to get the right impression for the hive.

I think the basing needs to be have some Bright colour, maybe a light grey rock and barren gray giving the impression of the Hive stripping the land.