Hello, welcome to the home of the Ninja badgers, a group of wargamers from around the UK.  This site is a place where fans of wargames, mainly warhammer, can chat and share ideas about their hobby.

ninjabadger_400x400Ninja Badgers? What is that all about you might ask?  Well waaay back four of us Paul, Richard, Matt and Zak entered into a team event at Warhammer World.  We needed a team name, and eventually someone suggested, ‘Ninja Badgers’ and the name stuck!

Since then we have made the T-shirts etc, gained some new badgers and become the ‘comedy’ name used in some GW event packs.

Since then Wayne, Ed and James have joined the ranks and have made the trip to Nottingham to carry on the badger name.




The Dorchester club is going from strength to strength, we have over 20 active members now, and regularly get 14+ on a Thursday evening.  Anyone in the local area please get in touch (details on the contact page)

We have adopted the title ‘Dorset doggers’ for our group outings to various tournaments.  The nickname was given due to the fact that the club location is a bit hard to find and members spent quite a while hanging around in lay-bys whilst hunting for us!


Feel free to look around the site, if you would like to join in, please use the contact page and we will set you up with an account so you can add content.

Also check out some links to some great AOS resources around the web.