A New Dawn Breaks

Img_1273Blog 2 in my SCGT series, this focuses on the upcoming ‘New Dawn’ event.  I have had a very busy past week or so, as following my purchase from Forgeworld, in Nottingham, I have had to build and paint the mighty lord Tamurkhan!  He is truly collosal, and a great sculpt and a joy to paint.  My skills dont really do it justice, but as my tabletop standard looks decent from across the battlefield, which is my aim.

I had a few other bits and bobs to finish off as well, plus 5 speed painted chaos hounds as I managed to leave mine at my brothers!  Overall the 150 SCGT points list looks good, and seems to gel together quite well.  It’s in no way competative, just a bunch of models thrown into the mix 🙂

So onwards to the weekend, which I am really looking forwards too.

Img_1270This will be my first Independant AOS event, and it’s local to me!  For any other gamers who live in the Dorset you will know how rare this is!  No real travel, sleep in my own bed, know where I am going without a sat nav!  A massive thanks to Chris for putting on an event so close, really makes life easier.

We are playing full SCGT rules, the first 5 scenarios.  This is good for me as whilst I have 2 realmgates, I haven’t build or painted them yet.  As it is a warm up, players are allowed to try stuff out, so unpainted models are allowed (you lose out on painting points etc).   I haven’t got a problem with that, many times players want to do last minute tweaks so this helps them do this.  Having said that I hope the majority of stuff is painted and looking nice.

Img_1269For me this, and SCGT, are really a test to see what the AOS atmosphere is like.  8th events always put me off going due to what seemed, from the outside a really competative nature, talk of ‘meta’ and ‘net lists’ etc.  I just want to have some fun games, roll a few dice, meet some new gamers and have a chat.

So I am hopeful, with the way Sigmar seems to be drawing in hobbyists that there will be a more generic ‘lets just have fun’ element to the AOS scene. Undoubtedly there will be players who take some proper nasty combos, but am hopeful that a lot will be like me just bringing the models they have painted, to have some fun.


I think the really well written scenarios will help with this, the move from a ‘battleline’ game to more scenario driven is the best change in AOS.  They really add character and narative to the game, bringing it more to life.

So I look forwards to meeting everyone at New Dawn, I will add my list below so, yep thats all I am bringing honest! Will report back next week afterwards, and try to tweet so in game pictures.  No idea if the venue has Wi-Fi, or if I get a decent 4g signal there. (this is deepest darkest Dorset afterall)




1x Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord(1)

1x Sayl the Faithless(1)

1x Festus the Leechlord(1)

2x Doombull(1)


1x Blightkings(5)

1x Plaguebearers(10)

1x Chaos Warhounds(5)

1x Plague Drones(3)

1x Warriors of Chaos(10)

1x Marauder Horsemen(5)

1x Ungor raiders(10)

2x Chaos Furies(5)

1x Chaos Harpies(5)

1x Bullgor(3)

2x Varanaguard(1)

1x Daemon Pox Riders of Nurgle(3)

1x Bile trolls(3)

1x Nightmaw(1)

1x Chaos Spawn(1)